General Counsel

8+ years


The Public Interest Network is made up of dozens of organizations, including the state Public Interest Research Groups, U.S. PIRG, state environmental groups in 29 states, and Environment America. Together, the groups of The Public Interest Network employ more than 500 staff, who wield a full arsenal of time-tested strategies for change, including organizing, advocacy, research and policy analysis, litigation and socially responsible investing. Our mission is to build the power of citizens to move the world toward a greener, more fair, just and democratic future. Current campaigns include: working to stop dirty, destructive oil and gas drilling, protecting our rivers and streams, curbing global warming pollution and promoting clean, renewable energy, getting big money out of politics, reining in the high costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, and closing corporate tax loopholes to ensure corporations are paying their fair share. We also work closely with the Fund for the Public Interest, which conducts fundraising, membership-building, and other organization-building efforts on behalf of organizations both inside and outside the network.

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced General Counsel who is passionate about the issues we are working on and committed to helping organizations achieve real change. Responsibilities include:

• Employment Practices: Advising on employment matters and benefits systems, ensuring compliance with employment laws, training of all staff managers and review of employment materials, and defending against employment-related claims.
• Corporate and Tax Compliance: Fostering sound corporate governance practices, maintaining the organizations' good standing with federal and state corporate and tax regulators, and ensuring compliance with IRS guidelines relating to lobbying and political activities of nonprofit organizations.
• First Amendment & Charitable Solicitation: Representing the organizations’ right to conduct door-to-door and street canvassing in cities and towns across the country.
• Election Law & Campaign Finance: Advising groups on options & structures for election-related work, including formation of PACs, 527s, & ballot issue committees; advising on non-partisan voter registration drives, neighborhood voter contact programs, tracking & reporting to FEC & state agencies, and guidelines for fundraising & communications.
• Contracts: Drafting and reviewing contracts, leases, grant agreements, and other legal documents.
• Risk Management: Working with the organizations’ leaders to reduce liability risk through adopting policies that protect the organizations from legal exposure.
• Operations: Working with other department heads across the network to create and manage organizational systems.
• Department Management: Overseeing and working alongside a team of Assistant General Counsels and an Administrator, creating an annual budget for the department, and managing internal tracking & reporting systems.