Vice President for State Offices

The Public Interest Network is hiring a Vice President for State Offices. The Vice President for State Offices will be responsible for strengthening the leverage of consumer and environmental organizing in key congressional districts in nineteen states.

PIRG and Environment America, the flagship organizations within The Public Interest Network, operate offices in 29 states. These organizations have been building political power at the state level to influence state and federal policy for more than 45 years. We have led the charge for national clean cars standards, key consumer protections, and the creation of new national monuments, and a host of other campaigns. The problems we work on aren’t by nature progressive or conservative; our goal is to find common ground and advocate for common-sense solutions to problems that our country shouldn’t tolerate in an age of great abundance and technological progress. Our primary strategy is to organize people power to call for change.

Our State Power Program

We face dire, urgent challenges - climate change, pandemic disease, threats to drinking water and air quality, the destruction of open space, the infringement of our right to privacy -- in an era of unprecedented federal gridlock. The status quo cannot continue; our nation must find a way forward. Tilting the political balance toward the environment and the public interest will require sustained on-the-ground organizing in selected federal swing districts. By activating support and creating pressure for change in these key districts, activists can shift power toward the possibility of a greener, more secure and more democratic future.


The 19 states in this portfolio are Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Montana.

Together these states hold 38 swing Senate districts and 76 swing House districts.

Staffing & "Business Plan"

PIRG and Environment America are already staffed with a director in 16 of these states, ranging in experience with The Public Interest Network from 1 to 25 years. We have less experienced field directors in 7 of these states. Some states have additional staff and all states could add more staff (subject to fundraising). In these 19 states, we have a total of 44 staff.

The program is budgeted for 5 years at $21,500,000. Annual grant fundraising by current staff is close to $3M a year, on pace to cover $14.5M of the full program. Raising an additional $3.5M will be the responsibility of the Vice President for State Offices, and The Public Interest Network will grant the additional $3.5M to the program. For additional funds raised beyond the $21.5M program, 80% will go to expand it, with 20% being reserved for contingencies.

Key Responsibilities

The Vice President for State Offices will join the leadership team of The Public Interest Network. They will be responsible for development, oversight and management of the state offices that make up our state powerbuilding portfolio. The Vice President will be accountable to the Network’s leadership for fulfilling the mission and meeting the business plan for the states in their portfolio.

Specifically, the Vice President will:

  • Develop and manage state directors in the 19 states.
  • Work with state directors to run on-the-ground organizing efforts on critical federal environmental and consumer issues in key federal legislative districts. Work with state directors to run campaigns for state-level policy as needed to build support for these issues.
  • Oversee budgets, program, annual planning, and personnel issues for these states.
  • Hire and develop new directors in states where we want to expand this program.
  • Fundraise for the program and support state directors in maintaining and growing funding for their campaigns.
  • Travel to state offices to work directly with the staff on campaigns and planning.
  • Other duties as assigned.


The ideal candidate will be:

  • An experienced professional organizer who gravitates toward building popular campaigns rather than policy analysis or insider advocacy.
  • A big-picture thinker who can conceptualize and convey the story of the project’s efforts and success to staff, stakeholders and funders.
  • Creative. Effective at solving complex problems.
  • Strategic. Sees and takes advantage of new opportunities.
  • A great staff manager with a track record of successful team-building. A good listener who can develop staff into leaders.
  • Well-organized. Able to track specific campaigns and initiatives across multiple states, while driving national organizational priorities such as fundraising and hiring.

We’re looking for someone with at least 8 years of experience in grassroots organizing, coalition-building, campaign politics and/or advocacy.


Flexible office location, with preference for our hub office locations (Denver, CO; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA). This position requires frequent travel to states in this portfolio.


Target annual compensation for this position is commensurate with the candidate’s relevant professional experience. The Public Interest Network offers a competitive benefits package.

To Apply

Fill out our online application. Please address your cover letter to Kate Canada, Hiring Director.

Things To Know When You Apply

The Public Interest Network operates and supports organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to social change. Click here for things you should know about our network when you apply.

Fund for the Public Interest is an equal opportunity employer.