Celebrating California’s ocean and coast with California Ocean Day 2024

Californians from across the state brought the ocean to Sacramento with California Ocean Day.


California Ocean Day 2024
Marc Olivier Le Blanc | Used by permission
Rachel Lucine
Rachel Lucine

Former Ocean Conservation Campaign Associate, Environment California

On May 7, 2024, Environment California teamed up with other ocean conservation advocates to bring the ocean to Sacramento policy makers. Hundreds of students, activists and advocates from across the state joined voices together to call for stronger ocean protections.

Asm. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan calling for an update to California’s plastic bag banPhoto by Marc Olivier LeBlanc | Used by permission

Threats to the ocean

Plastic pollution, sewage runoff and the need to strengthen and expand California’s coastal protections were the top issues of the day. We held more than 60 meetings with state legislators to call for action on these issues. And held a press conference on the capitol lawn along with advocates and lawmakers, Asm. Rebecca Bauer Kahan, Sen. Blakespeare, Sen. Allen and Sen Steve Padilla.

Ocean Panel Events

Fish and Game Commission President Samantha Murray shares her story at Ocean leader panelPhoto by Marc Olivier LeBlanc | Used by permission








California Governor Newsom tweets Happy California Ocean Day!

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Ocean Champion Award

Founding Director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Julie Packard presented this year’s ocean champion award to Asm. Dawn Addis for her leadership protecting the California coast line in the legislature.

Ocean Champion Award winner Asm Dawn AddisPhoto by Marc Olivier LeBlanc | Used by permission


Laura Deehan

State Director, Environment California

Laura directs Environment California's work to tackle global warming, protect the ocean and fight for clean air, clean water, open spaces and a livable planet. Laura stepped into the State Director role in January, 2021 and has been on staff for over twenty years. She has led campaigns to make sure California goes big on offshore wind and to get lead out of school drinking water. As the Environment California Field Director, she worked to get California to go solar, ban single use plastic grocery bags and get on track for 100% clean energy. Laura lives with her family in Richmond, California where she enjoys hiking, yoga and baking.

Rachel Lucine

Former Ocean Conservation Campaign Associate, Environment California

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