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Our team's mission is to help build a larger and more deeply engaged following for our network and the issues we champion.

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The Public Interest Network's Editorial & Creative Team

We’re the Public Interest Network’s in-house editorial and creative team.

The Public Interest Network operates and supports more than a dozen organizations – including PIRG, Environment America and Green Corps – committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to change.

The network focuses on the problems that arise from America’s single-minded pursuit of endless economic growth: We’re still burning fossil fuels even though it’s changing the climate. We keep giving antibiotics to healthy livestock, even though it leads to “superbugs” that are antibiotic-resistant. We use plastic products for a few minutes only to throw them away so they pollute the oceans for centuries. 

We’re building a following for change

Our team plays a vital role in addressing those problems. Our mission is to build a larger and more deeply engaged following for our network. We hone the messaging for many of the network’s projects, programs and campaigns. We partner with the network’s advocates, organizers and researchers to craft stories that will resonate with everyone, regardless of political ideology. We turn those stories into the materials and online content that will motivate people to take action, support our work, and join our movement. 

Whether we are writing an email, creating a newsletter, producing a video or crafting web content, we take the same data-driven, results-oriented, maximum bang-for-the-buck approach that wins positive changes now, and help build a platform for more change in the future.


We amplify our organizations, campaigns and staff

We work with the network's advocates, organizers to articulate a clear vision, powerful messages, engaging stories and impactful visuals

Photo by Liam Louis, Elle Vignette Photography | Used by permission

Environment America 100% Renewable Energy Senior Director Johanna Neumann stands on a warehouse rooftop covered in solar panels holding a sign that reads

We worked with clean energy advocate Johanna Neumann on her cutting edge report highlighting the solar potential of America's warehouses and big box stores.

Photo by Tim O'Connor | TPIN

Save the Bees canvass campaign summer 2023

In the summer of 2023, network staff went door-to-door to help save our best pollinators. Our team made sure they had a powerful story to tell, and materials they needed.

Photo by Marc Olivier LeBlanc | Used by permission

Public Lands Campaign Director Ellen Montgomery and activists delivery public comments to the forest service

Public Interest Network staff helped deliver over 500,000 public comments to the Biden administration to protect old-growth trees and forest. Our team helped to generate public comments through our email program.

Photo by Staff | TPIN

GO. Polis announces passage of Right To Repair bill

Colorado recently passed a law ensuring that farmers would have access to the tools and diagnostics they need to fix their tractors and other farm equipment. We help network staff craft a message that built a following beyond traditional progressive strongholds.

Photo by @COSenDem on Twitter | Public Domain

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We’re looking for great communicators

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a concrete difference for the environment and the public interest — just as hundreds of dedicated staff have done over our 50 year history. If you want to add to this change-making legacy; if you’re in it for the long-haul, not just for an experience; maybe you are right for our team.

We focus on training, collaboration and strategic thinking to make the biggest impact possible, with considerable help from a big team of advocates and organizers who tackle issues from climate change to money in politics.

Staff profile: Marites Velasquez

Want to be part of the team?

Our staff share a commitment to the hard work of social change, including a strategic approach to getting things done. If you share our passion for change and our approach makes sense to you, we hope you’ll apply. Our available positions include:

Content Creator

Help our network win the country over to a forward-looking agenda by messaging, packaging and amplifying our organizations, our campaigns and our staff. Full job description.

Design Specialist

Use your design and creative skills to help build stronger organizations, and win on important campaigns. Full job description.

Editorial & Creative interns

Do you want to use your excellent communication skills and creative talents to make an impact on the issues you care about? We’re looking for talented candidates to join our team as creative communications interns. Full description.

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