MASSPIRG-backed Better Bottle Bill earns endorsement from The Boston Globe

The landmark 1982 “Bottle Bill” is one of Massachusetts’ most effective recycling measures. But after 40 years, it’s in need of an update.

On Oct. 11, The Boston Globe published an editorial in support of the MASSPIRG-backed “Better Bottle Bill,” which was recently introduced by state Rep. Marjorie Decker and state Sen. Cynthia Creem. The updated bill would capture beverage containers that didn’t exist in 1982 — such as water bottles, sports drinks and more.

“Containers like sports drinks, water bottles and juices turn into litter and waste that pollute our air and water, but they would be recycled if they had a deposit,” said Janet Domenitz, executive director of MASSPIRG. 

Fifty state lawmakers have already co-sponsored the bill, and more than 50 organizations, including MASSPIRG, have endorsed it. 

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Learn more about the Update the Bottle Bill campaign. 


Photo: Under the updated Bottle Bill, bottles like these will be covered for deposits. Credit: steeleman205 via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0


Gina Goldenberg

Creative Associate, Editorial & Creative Team, The Public Interest Network

Gina writes, edits and designs materials for the PIRG state groups. Gina lives in Boston where she enjoys reading, running and spending time with friends.

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