OSPIRG-backed bill to lower health care costs now heads to Governor’s desk

Oregonians at risk of losing their health insurance once the federal public health emergency concludes may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

On March 9, the state Senate passed a bill that will ensure Oregonians can continue to access affordable health insurance after the public health emergency ends, which could happen as early as April 15. The bill will aid Oregon residents in the transition to private health plans and create a so-called “bridge” health care plan. 

“This development of a bridge plan would provide dependable, affordable coverage that, similar to a public health insurance option, leverages a state’s existing unique infrastructure and health care system,” said Maribeth Guarino, OSPIRG’s  High Value Health Care advocate.

“We support HB 4035 and the task force, and we cannot stop there. We hope that this bridge plan remains part of a larger discussion to lower costs for all Oregonians through a public health insurance option.”

This bill now heads to Gov. Kate Brown’s desk for signature.

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Photo: OSPIRG looks forward to engaging with the bridge plan task force and working with the Legislature to bring forward a complementary public option bill in 2023. Caption: everydayplus via Shutterstock


Gina Goldenberg

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