Texas lawmakers act on health care in 2021 session

Much-needed health care reforms are coming to the Lone Star State.

Two TexPIRG-backed bills will promote more affordable and accessible care for Texans. HB1033 will create more transparency around prescription drug costs, and therefore put some downward pressure on drug prices. HB4 will make health care more affordable and accessible by allowing Medicaid and other public benefit plans to pay for telemedicine.

Despite an otherwise disappointing session in which Texas lawmakers fell short on key issues such as modernizing our electrical grid and protecting consumers from marketplace threats, the state’s progress on health care was one bright spot.

“We applaud the continued leadership of state Rep. Tom Oliverson in his ongoing efforts to protect consumers from the pitfalls of our health care market, from surprise medical bills to exorbitant prescription drug costs,” said TexPIRG Director Bay Scoggin.

TexPIRG will continue to promote safe transportation, a functional electrical grid and consumer protections in the next legislative session.

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Photo: High prescription drug costs are a common barrier to affordable health care for Texans — but a bill passed in the 2021 legislative session could change that by creating more transparency around drug prices. Credit: wavebreakmedia via Shutterstock


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