Turn your delivery box into a bee

We’re asking Amazon to help save the bees.

Meet Betty. She is a bee made from an Amazon delivery box.


Betty may be made of cardboard, glue and crayons, but she has an important message to share about how you can help save her fellow bees.

Nearly one in four native bee species are at risk of going extinct, and honey bee colonies are collapsing. Everything from climate change to habitat loss hurts bees, but a class of pesticides called neonics is a leading factor. So, Betty is part of a national campaign working to get the online retailer Amazon to stop selling bee-killing neonic pesticides. After the public called for action, Home Depot and Lowe’s committed to do this. It’s time for Amazon to join them.

We can’t same day ship a new species. Join Betty in telling Amazon to stop selling bee-killing neonic pesticides

Want to make your own Betty the bee? Follow these instructions to make your own bee using a cardboard box, scissors, crayons and glue.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

  • Cardboard box

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Crayons 

  • (Optional) Black pipe cleaner

  • (Optional) Two googly eyes

Step 2: Print the template on 8.5×11 paper.

Step 3: Use the template pieces to cut out the 3 pieces of cardboard.

Cut out the bee body and bee wings from your printed template. Place them on your cardboard using the dashed line to align the pieces with the edge of the cardboard. Trace and cut out each of the pieces on the cardboard. Ask an adult for help with this step if you need help using scissors on cardboard.

Step 4: Color and decorate the bee body.

I used yellow and black crayons to add stripes to the body of Betty, but you can use your imagination and creativity to decorate your bee body.

Step 5: Shape the wings.


Take one of your bee wings and squish the cardboard to make it flatter and easier to shape. Curve the wing into a circle, then place one short edge turned 90° on the other short edge to make a point. Glue the two ends together.

Repeat with the other bee wing.

Step 6: Attach the wings to your bee’s body.

Use the guides on the body template to glue the two wings to the body of your bee.

Step 7: Add eyes, antennae and other decorations.

Your bee is assembled. Now you can use your creativity to give your bee a personality of its own. Betty has antennae made from a curled black pipe cleaner that was poked through a hole in the cardboard and two googly eyes.

Step 8: Share your bee on social media.

Tweet your bee @amazon asking them to stop selling bee-killing neonic pesticides. Don’t forget to tag @EnvAm and use #savethebees so we can see your finished bee!

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