Washington passes the country’s strongest plastics policy

Washington state has become the new leader in moving America beyond plastic.

On April 19, the Washington Legislature passed America’s strongest plastic pollution reduction bill to date. The legislation bans expanded polystyrene packing peanuts, coolers and foodware; requires businesses to provide single-use utensils, cups and lids only when requested; and specifies minimum levels of post-consumer recycled content for plastic trash bags, beverage bottles and other items. Gov. Inslee signed it into law on May 17.

“Polystyrene foam containers are among the most common, harmful and non-recyclable plastic products on the market,” said Alex Truelove, PIRG’s Zero Waste campaign director. “Getting rid of foam and requiring other polluting products to be available only upon request will encourage less waste and more reuse.”

Washington is now the seventh state to ban polystyrene foam takeout containers.

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Urge Congress to pass nationwide plastics legislation

Urge Congress to pass nationwide plastics legislation

The federal Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act is our best chance to finally tackle our plastic waste crisis at the national level. Tell your U.S. representative: Support this crucial bill to move America beyond plastic.

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Americans throw out some 25 billion plastic foam cups every day — making these items one of the most crucial to eliminate if we hope to solve our plastic pollution crisis. Credit: Pam Walker via Shutterstock


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