The Public Interest Network is hiring smart, talented people to join our team. Our work is driven by major questions about how we organize our lives. How do we make sure the next generation has clean air, clean water and a livable climate? How do we transform our energy and transportation systems to meet the needs of today, not the last century? How do we grow and raise our food in ways that leave both people and our environment healthier?

We need smart solutions to these and other big problems. Our researchers and advocates have come up with dozens of them. But having good ideas isn’t enough. We have to find ways to cut through the noise in today’s politics and win over decision-makers, opinion leaders and the public.

The Public Interest Network is a group of organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world, a set of core values and a strategic approach to change. Over the past 45 years, our coordinated approach has won hundreds of victories. But there's more to do. That's why we're hiring.

Things To Know When You Apply: Click here to learn more about our vision, core values and approach to change.


In-House Counsel Intern

LOCATION: Washington, D.C.; Denver; or Boston

The Public Interest Network’s in-house legal department provides legal services to Environment America, U.S. PIRG, and dozens of state and national affiliated organizations. The primary practice areas include First Amendment issues, non-profit corporate and tax compliance, campaign finance/election law, lobbying, charitable solicitation regulation, employment law, benefits, and contracts. We are seeking 1Ls and 2Ls for summer internships to conduct legal research, prepare in-house legal memoranda and draft and review contracts.

Campaign Legal Intern

LOCATION: Washington, D.C.; Denver; or Boston. Other locations for qualified candidates.

The Public Interest Network’s member groups work to take on the fossil fuel industry to promote clean energy, advocate for stopping the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals, protect our rivers, and help turn out thousands of young people to vote. Our legal interns draft proposed legislation, create new policy ideas, frame campaign strategies, conduct legal and factual research and write legal memos. We are seeking 1Ls and 2Ls for summer internships, as well as externs for the fall and spring semesters.

Creative Team Intern

LOCATION: Boston; Philadelphia; or Portland, Ore.

Do you want to use your excellent communication skills and creative talents to make an impact on the issues you care about? The Public Interest Network' Creative Team is looking for talented candidates to join our team as Creative Team Interns. Our interns work side by side with our talented team of writers, designers and video staff to help figure out where the public is at on an issue, then craft a message that will grab your audience’s attention and incite them to act. You’ll learn how to express that message through a number of different mediums, including social media, email, newsletters, direct mailings, campaign materials, websites, and more.

Communications Intern


The mission of the Public Interest Network’s in-house communications department is to strategically enhance public visibility of Environment America, U.S. PIRG and dozens of state and national affiliated organizations. We seek to elevate our organizational story and positioning through increased media mentions of TPIN’s campaigns and more interviews with our leadership and subject matter experts. Enhanced visibility should lead to greater name recognition, political clout and donations for the Public Interest Network family to advance its causes. Interns will learn better strategic, writing, copy editing, networking and story pitching skills.