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Denver, CO; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA

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The Public Interest Network is comprised of some of the top public interest organizations in the  country, including Environment America, PIRG, state environmental groups in 30 states,  National Environmental Law Center, Environmental Action, Green Century Funds, Green Corps, Frontier Group, and more. Our mission is to focus on the problems of abundance and the relentless pursuit of economic growth at the expense of the quality of the environment and people’s lives. We are relentlessly pragmatic, strategic and results oriented.  

Together, the groups of The Public Interest Network wield a full arsenal of time-tested strategies for change, including organizing, advocacy, research and policy analysis, litigation, and socially responsible investing. Each group pursues its own strategy and agenda, with its own base of support. Yet all members of the network share a firm commitment to a model for success—one that emphasizes building stable, powerful organizations, embracing a culture of accountability, and organizing to win measurable results. These results include hundreds of laws, policies, and other changes that have protected consumers, preserved the environment, and otherwise made corporations and government more responsive to the public interest. 

Over the next year, our member groups will work to promote rooftop solar energy, ban single use plastics, and protect wildlife and our waterways. We’ll also help thousands of young people to get involved on college campuses, and fight global warming at the federal and in states across the country. 

In-House Legal Department Internships:  

The Public Interest Network’s in-house legal department provides legal services to Environment  America, U.S. PIRG, and dozens of state and national affiliated organizations. The primary  practice areas include First Amendment issues, non-profit corporate and tax compliance,  campaign finance/election law, lobbying, charitable solicitation regulation, employment law, benefits, and contracts. 


Interns will conduct legal research, prepare in-house legal memoranda and draft and review contracts. Work in specific practice areas includes: 

Employment Practice: Assist legal staff with advising on employment matters and employment  benefits systems, ensure compliance with employment laws, review employment materials, and  assist with defending employment-related claims. 

Corporate Compliance: Assist legal staff with conducting and documenting corporate board  meetings and maintaining the organizations’ good standing with state regulators. 

Tax-Exempt Organizations: Assist legal staff with advising on IRS guidelines relating to  nonprofit organizations, including for lobbying and political activities. 

First Amendment: Assist legal staff with representing the organization’s right to conduct door to-door and street canvassing in cities and towns across the country.

Election and Lobbying Law: Assist legal staff with ensuring compliance with federal and state  election and lobbying laws. 

Contracts: Draft and review contracts, leases, grant agreements, and other legal documents. 


Legal interns should have excellent academic credentials, be goal-driven and results-oriented,  and have a strong desire to protect the public interest through nonprofit and political work.  Leadership capability, initiative, and exceptional verbal and written advocacy and  communication skill are essential. Candidates should have completed at least one year of law  school and prior experience volunteering or working with a nonprofit organization or political  campaign is preferred. 


Legal interns will be considered for work in the following locations: Denver, CO, Boston, MA, Washington, DC. Legal internships are unpaid. We are happy to work with you to accommodate any requirements that may allow you to receive funding from your school or other entity. Work-study eligible students are encouraged to apply.  

Completing a legal internship is not a promise of post-law school employment by The Public  Interest Network.

Fund for the Public Interest in an equal opportunity employer