Call Script for Whole Foods

Whole Foods products wrapped in single-use plastic

At a time of year when most people are spending a lot of time in grocery stores, we want to highlight how hard it is to buy Thanksgiving food without heaps of plastic waste. Grocery stores like Whole Foods that pride themselves on sustainability should make it easy to have a plastic-free holiday–but once again, they received a failing grade from As You Sow on their policies to tackle plastic waste. 

That’s why Environment America and US PIRG are holding a Thanksgiving week of action to call on Whole Foods to eliminate plastic in their stores. Throughout the week of Nov. 22 – Nov. 26, we’re highlighting the difficulties consumers face when trying to find plastic-free groceries at the supermarket on social media. The more consumers who hear about this and speak up about the problem, the more likely it is that Whole Foods shareholders will take action. 

Help us build the buzz by calling Whole Foods. Please call the customer service line at 1 (844) 936-8255 using the call script below. If you have any questions or want to engage beyond social media, contact Elizabeth at [email protected].

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