Moving Beyond Wood Pulp Part 3: Hemp

Hemp is an environmental and sustainable alternative to wood-pulp that has been used in everything from paper to building products.

Photo credit: USDA


The destruction of forests is the embodiment of a wastefully short-sighted mentality. We are facing a biodiversity crisis and a climate crisis. We should not be destroying essential habitats and some of our most valuable natural carbon sinks. Of course, we don’t have to. When it comes to making paper products, home products, and construction materials, alternatives to using centuries-old trees exist. Paper products can be made from recycled paper and wheat straw. Buildings can be constructed with reclaimed wood. And bamboo is being used everywhere — from paper and tools to flooring.

This is the third in a series exploring the many alternatives to timber and wood pulp. We previously published blogs about cotton and bamboo pulp.

For the third installation in our series, Environment America Wild Forests Intern Natalie Dryja interviewed Morris Beegle:





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