59,000 supporters, 40 lawmakers tell Whole Foods to put ‘planet over plastic’

 A massive environmental crisis requires a massive call to action.
That’s why Environment America Research & Policy Center, along with our friends at U.S. PIRG Education Fund and the Student PIRGs, delivered a letter to Whole Foods on May 6, 2021 — signed by nearly 60,000 supporters, including 40 state lawmakers — calling on the grocer to phase out single-use plastic packaging in its stores. Once an environmental leader that stopped providing plastic bags to its customers at checkout in 2008, Whole Foods recently earned an “F” for its plastic policies in a report by environmental group As You Sow.
“Nothing we use for just a few minutes should pollute our rivers and oceans for hundreds of years,” said Kelsey Lamp, Protect Our Oceans campaign director for Environment America Research & Policy Center. “That’s why the companies that rely on single-use plastic to package their products must adopt more sustainable packaging options or eliminate packaging altogether.”
“Change is possible and Whole Foods should lead the way to a future where we put the planet over plastic.”
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Jake Taber

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