Clean lighting bill heads to Colorado governor’s desk

Colorado poised to become third state to phase out the use of mercury containing lighting.

Fluorescent bulbs
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Legislation to phase out the use of mercury-containing lighting passed the Colorado legislature on May 1st, poising Colorado to become the third state to phase out the use of lighting containing toxic mercury. 

Sponsored by Representatives Kipp and Willford and Senators Cutter and Winter, HB23-1161, phases out the sale of fluorescent bulbs in Colorado by 2025. If signed by Governor Polis, Colorado will join California and Vermont in making lighting more energy efficient and nontoxic.

Colorado consumers have the potential to save $765 million dollars in cumulative electricity bill savings through 2050 as a result of phasing out fluorescent bulbs in favor of more efficient LEDs. 

“Given the availability of efficient nontoxic options, it’s time to say farewell to fluorescents,” said Johanna Neumann, Senior Director with Environment America. 


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