Juul ordered to pay nearly $440 million in settlement over teen-focused marketing practices

The vaping company is set to shell out millions to settle a probe into its alleged marketing targeting teens.

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The settlement comes shortly after investigations noted the Food and Drug Administration’s failure to crack down on vaping companies that sell flavored nicotine-laden products that appeal to kids.

Juul is set to pay a large sum for its alleged role in contributing to the youth vaping epidemic. 

On Sept. 6, the major e-cigarette company agreed to pay 33 states and Puerto Rico more than $438 million to end a joint multi-state investigation into the company’s practice of targeting teens with its products. Juul also agreed to adhere to restrictions on where and how it will promote its products. 

“I’m glad to see Juul ponying up a large sum for its alleged role in fanning the flames of the youth e-cigarette epidemic,” said Matt Wellington, PIRG’s Public Health Campaigns director. “However, other companies are still pouring gasoline on it as we speak.”

PIRG is urging the Food and Drug Administration to issue a clear directive to end the sale of all flavored e-cigarettes, which appeal to kids and can hook young people into becoming lifelong tobacco users.

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Matt Wellington

Former Director, Public Health Campaigns, PIRG


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