Oregon strengthens appliance efficiency standards

Looking to save energy, water and money? Oregonians found a way: energy-efficient appliances.

On May 18, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill to strengthen the state’s appliance efficiency standards. The bill promises a meaningful impact for our planet, our health — and even our wallets — by reducing the energy, water waste and harmful emissions that come from our appliances. Environment Oregon advocated for strengthened appliance efficiency standards, connecting citizens with legislators and providing templates to share the bill’s benefits on social media. 

“Passing this bill is a big win. Embracing efficient appliances is an incredibly simple and cost-effective way for Oregon to both reduce dirty greenhouse gas emissions as well as our utility bills,” said Environment Oregon State Director Celeste Meiffren-Swango. “We hope that Oregon leaders will continue to push forward policies to take advantage of cleaner energy.” 

The bill now heads to Gov. Kate Brown’s desk for signature.  

Read more about the bill.

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Photo: Environment Oregon mobilized members and supporters on social media as we spread the word on the benefits of strengthened appliance efficiency standards. Credit: Staff

Mary Katherine Moore

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