Pittsburgh commits to clean bus fleet by 2045

The city's fleet of 730 buses will start switching from diesel to electric power as early as 2025.

Staff | TPIN

Swapping out dirty diesel buses for clean electric ones can help protect our climate and keep pollution out of our air. Now, Pittsburgh is moving closer to making this vision into reality.

Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) has announced a plan to transition all 730 vehicles in its bus fleet to zero-emission models by 2045. The transition will kick off with an increase in diesel bus replacement over the next few years, and will ultimately see a $1 billion total investment for purchasing clean buses.

Last fall, PennEnvironment organized a coalition response to the Port Authority of Allegheny County’s draft NEXTransit 25-year plan in which we urged decision-makers to strengthen their commitment to a zero-emission fleet by pursuing electric buses.

“Having these commitments in writing is a crucial step toward enacting the reductions in transportation pollution that our communities so desperately need,” said PennEnvironment Deputy Director Ashleigh Deemer. “Next up: A statewide commitment to all-electric buses.”

Ashleigh Deemer

Former Deputy Director, PennEnvironment


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