Public comment period to protect Right whales extended

The North Atlantic Right whale is one of the planet's most endangered animals.

Fewer than 350 North Atlantic Right whales are alive today.

With fewer than 350 North Atlantic Right whales left, we need to do all we can to save them from extinction.

In October, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced it would extend the comment period on a proposed new rule to reduce boat strikes along the East Coast until the end of the month, giving the public more time to weigh in. Boat strikes, as well as entanglements in fishing gear, are among the gravest threats these gentle giants face.

“Just like speed limits on our roads are designed to save human lives, boat speed limits could save whales,” said Kelsey Lamp, director of our Protect Our Oceans campaign. “We can put a stop to boat strikes and protect these critically endangered whales.”

Environment America and our supporters are taking advantage of the extended deadline to rally together to protect the Right whales.


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