Solarize Athens 2.0 celebrates new solar milestone

Teamwork is making the clean energy dream work

Solar power

Anatoliy Gleb |

How did renewable energy in Georgia grow by 10,000% over the past decade? Just look to the rapid expansion of solar power in Athens.

On Oct. 9, Environment Georgia joined Athens-Clarke County Mayor Kelly Girtz, state lawmakers and coalition partners to celebrate the progress made by the Solarize Athens 2.0 campaign. Among the Environment Georgia-backed campaign’s key accomplishments: helping to bring nearly 500 kWh of solar power to Athens homes and businesses (plus nearly 300 kWh of solar storage), and donating a solar array to Rashe Malcolm’s Farm to Neighborhood, an Athens nonprofit. The array was officially activated at the event, with the nonprofit’s founder in attendance.

“We have all the tools to achieve a future where our energy comes from clean, renewable sources like the sun and the wind,” said Environment Georgia State Director Jennette Gayer.

“Athens is leading by example — and the progress we’ve made here will be key to winning a statewide commitment to 100% clean, renewable energy.”


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