Support builds for linking wildlife habitats in Pennsylvania

Organizers with Green Corps boost PennEnvironment's campaign

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Northeast Region via Flickr | Public Domain
Development has fragmented wildlife habitats across the country, endangering wildlife and threatening biodiversity.

What is an animal supposed to do when a six-lane highway stands between them and their next meal?

That’s a problem that PennEnvironment, along with other state groups in the Environment America network, is working to solve. In Pennsylvania, we’ve been building support for the construction of wildlife corridors to link together fragmented habitats — a major source of stress for wildlife that interrupts migration routes, puts animals in harm’s way, and threatens biodiversity. 

Photo by Staff | TPIN

With a big assist from Green Corps, we have mobilized people to add 1,200 signatures to our petition, place 200 calls with state legislators, and add 60 new members to our coalition. (Like PennEnvironment, Green Corps is part of The Public Interest Network.) A state House committee has passed a resolution on the issue, but there’s more work to be done to help wildlife travel safely from one habitat to the next.


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