U.S. Mayors resolve to cut solar red tape

photo credit: Rotzchesky Photography via Flickr

At their June 2022 conference, the U.S. Conference of Mayors passed a resolution urging city leaders to “to move swiftly to implement automated online solar permitting platforms, like SolarAPP+, to reduce permit review time for solar energy and energy storage systems.”

Environment America Research & Policy Center has recommended streamlining permitting for clean energy for years, including broader adoption of SolarApp, which was a key recommendation in our recent Shining Cities report. Environment America Research & Policy Center sent a letter to the Conference of Mayors’ energy committee in advance of the vote, urging them to pass the resolution and enlisted allies to do the same. 

Environment America’s Senior Director for 100% Renewable Energy, Johanna Neumann said “Automated online permitting will help cities and states across America reach 100% renewable energy more quickly. Now is the time to lean in, cut the red tape, and sprint towards to goal of repowering our country with clean energy that never runs out.”

Support rooftop solar

Support rooftop solar

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