I can see the changes I'm helping to implement in Colorado today and moving forward -- for both my own family and my community.  Alexandra Simon, Public Health Advocate with CoPIRG
An organizer thinks about, "What are we trying to do here?," "What change do I want to make?," "Who's with me?," "Who's not?," and "How do I talk to those people?" Marcia Eldridge, Digital Deputy Director for the Public Interest Network
We're willing to work with anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, if they want to come together and work hard to turn a good idea into reality. Kirsten Schatz, Clean Air Advocate for CoPIRG
I get to work on environmental issues and do that through organizing, which I think is the missing link in the chain of the environmental movement. Renee Wellman, Executive Director of Green Corps
One of the things I love about The Public Interest Network is we’re transpartisan. Mark Morgenstein, Director of Media Relations for The Public Interest Network

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