Biggest Win Ever for Climate Action

Environment America, alongside a broad coalition, helped bolster public support for action on the political space to enact the Clean Power Plan — our country’s biggest move to act on climate yet.

Staff | TPIN

The Clean Power Plan would limit — for the first time ever — carbon pollution from dirty power plants, and have states develop plans to cut pollution at least 30 percent by the end of the next decade.

Environment America Research & Policy Center did the research, and reported on concrete solutions to combat global warming, namely by limiting carbon pollution from power plants.

The report “America’s Dirtiest Power Plants” looked at coal-fired power plants — America’s number one source of global warming pollution — and named the worst polluters of the bunch, made recommendations to states on how to maximize the Clean Power Plan, and bolster clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency, rather than increasing reliance on natural gas or nuclear power.

Adding urgency to the case for clean power, our report “Dangerous Inheritance” revealed that the current generation is experiencing hotter temperatures and more intense storms than predecessors did 40 years ago — and without urgent action to curb carbon pollution, global warming will continue to contribute to dangerous heat waves, severe storms, rising sea levels and more.

Following the research, Environment America and our members built momentum to finalize President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and push past strong opposition from the fossil fuel industry and their allies in Congress.

  • Environment America’s citizen outreach team had face-to-face conversations with more than 47,000 people about the threat of global warming and the solutions the Clean Power Plan offers.
  • During the public comment period for the Clean Power Plan, Environment America’s members and supporters submitted more than 713,000 comments in support of a strong plan.
  • Hundreds of elected officials and solar businesses, and nearly 1,000 health professionals, joined the chorus of support for limits on power plant pollution.
  • Environment America was a co-leader in the coalition that helped more than 8 million people write comments in support of the Clean Power Plan.

Impact organizers also worked with Environment America, helping to collect the 8 million comments that urged President Obama to act on climate. Environment America staff and members are working right now to defend the Clean Power Plan from last-ditch attacks in the courts and in Congress, while urging governors and other state leaders to adopt strong steps to carry out the plan.

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