Colorado looks toward a transit-centered transportation future

Many Coloradans could soon enjoy expanded and improved transit service.

In April, the Colorado Senate Transportation and Energy Committee advanced two key bills that would help state residents access more clean, high-quality transportation options. One would secure crucial resources for a rail system between Pueblo and Fort Collins, and another would allow the Regional Transit District more flexibility to improve transit service.

“Transit will be key to helping people move more efficiently than they can in single-occupant vehicles, reducing air pollution from the transportation sector and giving people more freedom to choose how they travel,” said CoPIRG Executive Director Danny Katz. “For our health, our safety and our children’s future, we need fast, frequent and affordable local and statewide transit systems — and these bills will help get us there.”

CoPIRG applauds the lawmakers that have kept these bills on track, and urges the Legislature to act quickly to pass them.

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Support a transition to electric buses

Support a transition to electric buses

Another key way to make Colorado's transportation system more efficient and sustainable? Transitioning all transit and school buses to electric power. Tell Gov. Jared Polis to protect the health of our children, our communities and our planet by investing in clean, electric buses.

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Photo: In October 2019, CoPIRG Executive Director Danny Katz organized a “mobility race” to test the speed of going across Denver by different modes of transportation. Credit: Alana Miller


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