Individuals and Institutions Invest Fossil Fuel Free

For almost 25 years, Green Century has helped people invest in environmentally responsible ways — and most recently has been a leader in the fossil fuel divestment movement by helping thousands of individuals keep their money out of companies that have driven the climate change crisis.

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Staff | TPIN

Recently, Leo DiCaprio added his name to the growing list, which helps inspire others who have been thinking about investing in line with their values.

Individual investors have also been organizing the institutions they invest in, and now more than 500 institutions have divested from fossil fuels, including new pledges ranging from Europe’s largest insurance company to the Field Museum in Chicago.

In California, after months of grassroots activism from members in California, testimony by Green Century, and lobbying by Environment California: CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) and CalSTRS (California State Teachers Retirement System) agreed to divest from coal. Together, these two pension funds represent nearly $500 billion in assets.

Green Century not only offers two environmentally-responsible mutual funds to provide people who care about the environment a way to invest for their future, it also leads an effective program to pressure companies to become more sustainable (on issues including greenhouse gas emissions, antibiotics and GMOs, and toxic chemicals) and is the only mutual fund company owned by environmental advocacy organizations.