INVEST Act includes funding to reconnect wildlife habitat

Jake Taber

America’s infrastructure is overdue for an upgrade — for wildlife as well as for people.
On July 1, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the INVEST in America Act, which included funding for wildlife corridors. Wildlife corridors are essential to reconnecting animal habitats that have been fragmented by freeways, fences and other human development. When a freeway cuts through an animal’s habitat, it also cuts that animal off from migrating, hunting and mating — and can even prove deadly when they try to cross it.
“The Federal Highway Administration found the chance of getting hit by a car or truck is a major threat to the survival of more than 20 threatened and endangered species,” said Environment America Conservation America Campaign Advocate Alex Petersen.
“The wildlife crossings funded by the INVEST in America Act would help ensure the long-term survival of these incredible species such as bighorn sheep and Canada lynx.”
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Photo: The INVEST in America Act would create more wildlife crossings, like the one pictured above, helping animals to avoid dangerous roads. Credit: Skyward Kick Productions via Shutterstock


Jake Taber

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