OSPIRG analysis: How to make Oregon’s new public option as successful as possible

Health care

With Oregon on the verge of implementing a statewide public health insurance option, OSPIRG is working to make sure the new system is as strong as possible.

On Dec. 7, OSPIRG released an analysis comparing the public option policies in Washington, Colorado and Nevada and making suggestions on how to make a low-cost, high-value health plan available to more Oregonians. Our advocates also held a virtual lobby event, with 15 meetings with key committee members and legislative leadership held over the course of three days, in which coalition partners and constituents shared stories about the cost of health care and their support of a public option.

“We have heard countless stories of Oregonians struggling over health insurance, from sky-high premiums to inadequate coverage,” said Maribeth Guarino, OSPIRG’s health care advocate. “As lawmakers are considering how to create a public option and lower consumer costs, there are plenty of lessons we can take from other states who have already done it.”

“We are in the best place we can be to make health care work for Oregonians now. We should take every advantage to make the public option as successful as it can be.”

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Photo: In July 2021, OSPIRG’s Maribeth Guarino led a virtual activist training for Oregonians on how to continue building the grassroots support needed to win a strong public option in Oregon. Credit: Staff


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