Voices for 100% Renewable Energy Spotlight

This clean energy advocate’s message is clear: In order to get the renewable energy transition right, we must think about rural solar 

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Voices for 100% Renewable Energy
Emma Searson

This blog was written by Katie Moffitt, who joined the Environment America team as an associate in August. 

This week, we’re spotlighting our newest Voice for 100% Renewable Energy, Tim Marema. Hailing from Tennessee, Tim is an editor for The Daily Yonder and vice president of the Center for Rural Strategies, a group that uses innovative media and communications strategies to improve the social and economic circumstances of rural communities. Tim believes in a renewable energy transition that takes full advantage of collaboration between rural and urban communities and, in doing so, creates a better energy system for everyone.

Here’s what Tim had to say about why he’s excited to be a voice for 100% in his community:

“The regions that have historically produced energy for the United States have borne heavy external costs in the health of the environment and the workforce. Clean, renewable energy sources offer a chance to get it right this time. For that to happen, rural communities need to be at the table to help ensure that the tremendous benefits of green-energy production flow to small communities and large cities alike. That’s how we make sure we’re building an energy system that serves all of us.

“Getting renewable energy production to scale requires urban and rural areas to work together. Major cities can’t meet their renewable energy needs without looking beyond their city limits. Rural areas have an economic and social interest in being part of green energy solutions. Beyond large-scale production that can serve national markets, rural areas also need the benefits of a more distributed and clean energy grid and the economic benefits of household solar production.

“Successful rural communities have always thrived on a combination of individual initiative and community support. Green energy fits that model perfectly. We can serve our own energy needs and be part of a larger production system that helps all of us.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we’re excited to see Tim’s voice join so many others from a broad variety of communities calling for a future powered by 100% clean and renewable energy. You can hear from additional Voices for 100% Renewable Energy by heading to the project website.

Tim and his daughter Graham Marema also produced a video with Environment America delving further into this topic. Check out  “A Conversation about Rural Solar” and Graham’s accompanying blog to learn more. 


Emma Searson

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