Trouble in Toyland

As holidays near, spotlight on nine toy hazards to avoid during gift-giving, sheltering-in-place

35th Annual Toy Safety Report

ConnPIRG Education Fund

The 35th annual Trouble in Toyland report continues U.S. PIRG’s long track record of identifying toy hazards and giving parents advice to keep their children safer. Not only is it an important guide for gift givers during the holiday season, but it’s important information for parents and caregivers year-round. 

In many ways, toys are safer than ever before thanks to decades of work and groundbreaking protections such as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Unfortunately there are still hazards to look out for – both old and new. While we still see cases of toys contaminated with lead that slip through the cracks and choking hazards that lack proper warning labels on the box, there are new issues that have arisen. 

Increased online shopping has opened the door wider to several issues, including improper labeling and product descriptions on online marketplaces such as Amazon and increased accessibility to recalled toys from second-hand sellers on eBay.