Alex Simon

I really do feel that in this role I’m helping make the world a different place

Alexandra Simon
Public Health Advocate with CoPIRG

I’ve always cared about public health and about solutions, policies, ways we can make the world and community around us better. But becoming a parent has changed that for me. Now I have a really personal investment in a lot of the policies we’re working on.

I really enjoy my work as a public health advocate because it’s meaningful. I get to work on policies related to clean air and clean water. And specifically I really enjoy working on policies that impact kids’ health. I do a lot of work around electric vehicle policy. Right now we’re working on the Advanced Clean Cars 2 Rule that’s currently proposed here in Colorado. Electric school buses have been a niche issue for me. Last year I was really proud to be a leader in the coalition that successfully lobbied for a really momentous bill in Colorado to fund the transition to electric school buses. And that put Colorado on the national stage as one of the leading states in transitioning to electric school buses.

I personally have a young child, and he’ll be riding the school bus soon. I hope hoping that he’ll be riding an electric school bus funded with some of those dollars.

I really do feel like in this role I am helping make the world a different place. And one of the things that matters the most to me is I can see those changes today and moving forward — for both my own family and my community.