Danny Katz

We have a vision to transform our transportation system

Danny Katz
Executive Director, CoPIRG

We have a vision to transform our transportation system.

Ozone pollution is bad. Colorado’s Front Range suffers from some of the worst in the country. Ozone pollution can trigger asthma and can lead to other ailments. And that means that dozens of days during the summer Coloradans are being told not to go outside and and run or bike or exercise, which is totally counter to the Colorado way of life.

Transportation has a significant impact on that. Right now, most people in Colorado just don’t have options. They don’t have a way to get to the grocery store a few blocks away, or to get to work a few miles away, or to get up to the mountains and go skiing without always having to drive a car.

So we’ve launched our Transform Transportation campaign, which is all about expanding options for people. More options would allow people to be able to safely walk, bike, use transit or take other modes to be able to get around, so they don’t have to drive for every single trip.

Those accomplishments include launching and expanding a statewide bus system called Bustang. It also includes adding more bike lanes onto streets. We’re seeing a significant increase in the number of people who are able to use these different options.

Ultimately, I like working here because I continuously get challenged. We work really hard, and we accept incremental change. Because we know every time you get a win, it builds momentum to that next win. And that’s an important recipe, along with the research, advocacy and organizing that we do, to be able to win.

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