Renee Wellman

Our goal is to train organizers while also making an impact

Renee Wellman
Executive Director of Green Corps

The fact that I get to work on environmental issues and do that through organizing, which I think is the missing link in the chain of the environmental movement, all while training more organizers means that I feel like I’m making an impact here that can’t be beat.

Green Corps was founded in 1992 as a field school for environmental organizers. At the time we knew a lot of people were passionate about the environment, but we also needed more organizers. That is, people who could turn good ideas into a reality. And those truths still exist today. But 30 years later, we have hundreds of alumni who are hard at work at local and international levels on everything from conservation to climate.

I feel honored that I get to continue the tradition of Green Corps and train some of the best organizers in the country. Our goal is to train organizers while also making an impact. Green Corps works on a wide range of issues with organizations both within and beyond The Public Interest Network.

Overall, it’s a huge privilege to be doing environmental work. And it’s also a ton of fun.

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