Kirsten Schatz

We work to find common ground

Kirsten Schatz
Clean Air Advocate for CoPIRG

At the end of my career I hope that I can point to tangible differences for the people of Colorado and for the planet that I was a part of making.

I’ve already been able to make a difference just in the last year in my new role as the Clean Air Advocate for CoPIRG. For example, I wrote and released an original report showing the outsized impact that gas-powered lawn and garden equipment has on our harmful ozone pollution problem here in Colorado.

The report got a lot of traction, and we believe we played a role in our governor coming out in favor of a tax credit for electric lawn and garden equipment in his recent amended budget proposal. That was something that our governor wasn’t really talking about a lot before, but now he is. That was a big goal of our campaign from the start.

Something that I really enjoy about the way we do our work is our transpartisan approach. In today’s hyper-polarized world, where according to news headlines and social media, we’re really highly divided into two camps, we are still working to find that elusive common ground.

People want practical solutions, and they want people to come together. We are really working to do that. We’re willing to work with anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, if they want to come together and work hard to turn a good idea into reality.

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