Gov. Kotek signs bill to support Oregon’s Marine Reserves Program

On Wednesday, Gov. Kotek signed a bill to invest further in Oregon's most successful ocean conservation program.


Joe Liebezeit, Bird Alliance of Oregon | Used by permission
Environment Oregon oceans advocate Ian Giancarlo with coalition partners and Representative David Gomberg showing support for Oregon's Marine Reserves Program
With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Kotek increased funding for Oregon’s Marine Reserves Program – giving our most successful ocean conservation program a much needed boost.
The bill signed by the governor on Wednesday (House Bill 4132) will increase funds, by nearly one million dollars, allocated to the Program over the coming year and will allow the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), the stewards of the Program, the opportunity to better educate and engage more Oregonians about the wonders our nearshore ecosystems contain. In addition, the bill also creates a process to develop an adaptive management plan giving ODFW the ability to better manage the reserves in the face of ever-changing ocean conditions.
Throughout this year’s short legislative session, which ran from early February to mid March, Environment Oregon and our coalition partners built a groundswell of support for the bill. Thousands of Oregonians, scores of legislators, nearly 30 conservation-minded organizations and many fishermen all made their voices heard in favor of bolstering our marine reserves.
“With today’s signing, Gov. Kotek has made it known that our nearshore ecosystems are worth reinvesting in and celebrating. Now, our craggy cliffs, kelp forests, rocky reefs and the seals, seabirds and invertebrates which inhabit these areas will be better off. Today is an important step in Oregon doing more for our ocean,” said Ian Giancarlo, oceans advocate with Environment Oregon.
Ian Giancarlo
Ian Giancarlo

Former Protect Our Oceans Campaign, Advocate, Environment America


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