Oregon Senate passes Right to Repair Act with bipartisan support

On Tuesday, the Oregon Senate passed Senate Bill 1596 with a vote of 25-5, getting Oregonians one step closer to being able to fix our personal electronics and household appliances.

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We generate too much waste, and companies block access to what we need to fix products like cell phones, tablets and laptops — pushing us to buy upgrades instead of fixing what we have. That contributes to the massive amounts of electronic waste going to landfills.

Senate Bill 1596 would require manufacturers to provide Oregonians and small businesses access to the parts, tools and service information we need to repair personal electronics and household appliances. This would help keep these devices in use for longer, conserving precious natural resources and preventing waste.

On Tuesday, the Oregon Senate passed Right to Repair with a bipartisan vote of 25-5.

“We applaud the Oregon Senate for passing Right to Repair on a broad bipartisan vote,” said Charlie Fisher, state director of OSPIRG. “Right to Repair is pretty simple – we should be able to fix the things we own and keep them going instead of throwing them out. Saving consumers money, bridging the digital divide, and reducing waste are just a few of the common sense reasons why Right to Repair is a bipartisan issue that is broadly supported across Oregon.”

“Oregon has a proud history of passing forward thinking policies that help Oregonians steward and respect the resources that go into making the products we use everyday,” said Celeste Meiffren-Swango, state director of Environment Oregon. “The Oregon Senate just voted to build on that legacy by passing the Right to Repair Act. We look forward to the Oregon House getting this bill across the finish line and to Governor Kotek’s desk.”

Senate Bill 1596 is now heading to the Oregon House for consideration.


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