Good news: Old growth trees in eastern Washington are off the chopping block

The Sanpoil project would have damanged the forests and old growth trees of the Kettle Range


Kettle Range Conservation Group | Used by permission
Camel Back from Quartz Mountain

On June 21 in Eastern Washington, a district court determined that the U.S. Forest Service’s 2019 Forest Plan and the proposed action under it, the Sanpoil Project, were in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Forest Management Act. The Forest Service failed to adequately assess the environmental impact of their project in Eastern WA’s Colville National Forest. 

This decision marks progress toward a return to sustainable and cooperative practices after logging standards were loosened in 2019 by the Forest Service. The Kettle Range Conservation Group fought hard to protect old-growth trees and wildlife species in their local forest. Old-growth forests serve as critical habitat for many species in addition to their role in carbon sequestration and should be protected. It is critical that standards are tightened to continue this work at the national level. 


Large trees clumping in Sanpoil areaPhoto by Kettle Range Conservation Group | Used by permission


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